Modern business means growing by the time and accommodate in a dynamic business world. Now Businesses do not have much time for training and coaching employees before starting any task as time is the most expensive resource, and every moment wasted in user training means a lot. That is where custom web application development turns into an ideal option among business owners. Furthermore, it will help to organize your business and keep all process unified that have an opportunity to work on what you need at the time. 

Now the question is – why to opt for a custom web application development? As a business owner, you care to stand out from the crowd by building up a solid platform without compromising with product or service quality, then this is the way to go.

Decide the approach and explore available options

With the rapid advancement of technologies for both mobile and custom web apps, organizations fall into the dilemma of choosing the right medium to reach a targeted customer. The mobile application can run on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet with the function of providing a service to its users. A web Application is a self-sustaining software run on the web browser that does not need to be downloaded and installed on the local machine of the end-user. But a custom web app would be the right choice for you if –


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So, the main point is you need to determine the best suits approach for software application it may be related to the website or adopt a mobile-first technology or the combination of both approaches. After deciding on an approach, you need to explore the available option for a specific development. 

Today, web application development platforms are using three types of development processes like no-code, low-code, and custom applications. Before selecting an option, let’s delve into what are these available options.  No-Code: The visual development platforms do not need any coding skills for the application build. It allows using simple drag and drop of plugins to create functional applications, even the people who are not from a core technical background can we trained to use these platforms. 

Low code: Low-code platforms support development more significant and modern way than no-code like the use of graphical interfaces with less programming than custom software development and offer minimal customization by coding as well if additional functionalities are required.


(Source: Forrester Report)

Custom development: Custom application development is the process of designing software applications for a specific user or a group of users within an organization. Developers design the custom application to address the specific needs within an organization that opposed to more traditional, standard software used by the masses. 

Inovar develops custom applications that perfectly fit with your existing business software ecosystem and eliminates the need to use multiple applications for specific business functions. Depending on your business and technical requirements, we tailored a game-changing application solution for improving all your digital touchpoints. 

Here we have mentioned all the possible options for you. Now it is your turn to dig deeper into how to pick the best approach that meets all business needs, and before moving forward, find out solutions align with your business goals.  

Get a solution that fit your business goals

Once you choose the right approach next you have to choose the right app development methodology to apply modern software architecture, make software delivery faster, and meet your technical needs. There are multiple custom software development methodologies but select the right method is the most crucial part of every project. It is important that the project goals, definitions, and objectives are clearly stated at the nascent stage of the project. Companies can initiate the project once the complexities, client demand, and resources are sufficiently analysed.

Big bang methodology is mostly preferable for a simple and small project where clients are not aware of full requirements. The waterfall methodology is the most popular and oldest methodology of custom software development. On the other hand, RAD methodology focuses on the rapid development of your project. But A custom web development agency always prefers a process which fits their personnel and resources.


14th State of Agile methodology adoption

According to a statistical survey, 89% of the organizations have adopted agile methodology for its continuous delivery process, flexible features, and 83% of them conduct spring planning option as it involves incremental development, as well as developers can perform rapid iteration on a small chunk of the project. It also allows clients to get access to the project, review the work at each stage, implement changes constantly and share rapid feedback to the custom developer. In this way, we will help you to get an app with all facilities that will not be required to adjust too.

Benefits and support from full stack support developers

We all have seen how the COVID-19 virus spread like a forest fire and change business perception all over the world. After the new normal, the demand for remote work as well as the demand of Custom application on high. In case of custom web application development, you need full stack developers who will work as part of your teams and help to find solutions that you need.


Support from full Stake Developers

Hiring a team of dedicated developers who can execute all the tasks related to the frontend and backend of the development becomes truly rewarding to build custom website applications. It prepares detailed customization on individual needs, makes the overall process highly structured, and leads the build of a steeler website. Inovar full stack developers orchestrate the capabilities to truly change the game, to take your business to the next level! 

Choose the best suits based on your needs

From the above discussion, you are now well diverse with approaches and resources as well.  Now it is your turn to choose the best suits for your business needs. 

Adjust skill level with custom applications

According to the present situation, the most critical part is to pay attention to the user experience. The business decision-makers are aware of their workers and audience better than anyone else. Hence, they can create an interface that will complement their level of skills, engagement, and time. Custom app development is a lengthy process, and you can calculate its value in two different ways. If your employees use that app, then you could save a lot of time and deliver results within the deadline. On the other hand, if your customers ready to use that app, then you could analyse the positive and negative side of that app from their reviews. 

Ensure Security with a unique set of protocols

Security is one of the tricky elements of custom web application development, and developers require a lot of attention while creating an independent system. If the application builds and runs seamlessly, then custom solutions can preserve business from hacking, cyber-attacks and ensure high security. The previous 5-year records are showing the effect of consistent improvement in high-risk vulnerabilities in web application development. According to Gartner, High-risk vulnerable code has dropped in web application 17% compared to the previous year. Still, companies need to apply a unique set of protocols from trusted sources and emphasize their constant updates. 


Top five Web application attacks by Quarter of 2018

Stay true to your brand and improve efficiency

Recognizable brand image is the most crucial part of a good business strategy that impacts positively on business success in the long run. By developing a custom app for customers, you can offer customized solutions that you need to dazzle them. The custom app also creates a visual representation of your brand image and send the message to your customers. 

Save your money as well as time in the long run

Custom web apps cost a little bit more than other app-dev processes, but the significance is they will save your money in the long run. By applying this customized intuitive tool, you will be more friendly with your budget and save money for future investment. Low-code or no-code platform is less time consuming as a custom app dev involved several steps starting with wireframing and website prototyping, designing the user interface, and software development and testing. But Custom app helps to make an attractive solution in less time in the long run. 

Custom web application development is not an overnight process. Just remember one thing, you should begin with a clear vision of what you want to achieve. You will need a team of full stack developers as well who will be there to help you define the vision and work side-by-side with you to make your vision a reality.

The best thing about a custom web app is that you can tackle a single specific process or create an all-encompassing system that your entire business will run on. Whichever way you decide to go, it will still be just what you need.

If you have already decided to choose a custom web application platform for your business upliftment, then feel free to contact us and register for a free demo.  We are here to help you!